Custom Air Force One Bel-Air by Dylan Dejesus
Dillon Dejesus Custom Footwear / Youtube

How to customize Air Force 1 with Bel-Air pattern

Quick tutorial on how to customize Air Force 1 with a pattern (90’s style) and an airbrush. This is something that definitely brings back some nostalgic vibes.

In this tutorial Dillon Dejesus from DeJesus Custom Footwear is going to be taking a look at how you can easily customize a Nike Air Force One (or any of your sneakers) with a 90s pattern.

This Bel-Air pattern or theme is definitely one of Dejesus favorite to do. This is something that you probably might have seen Dillon do. In the past he created a ton of the Nike Bel-Air Roches.

This theme is so bright, loud, colorful and bold so can really work great on almost any shoe whether you’re splitting it up and only doing it on certain panels like the Air Force One. In this tutorial Dejesus will only doing it on the toe box and the swoosh. If you’re just trying to customize an Air Force 1 all over with a pattern there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with a pattern like this.

“If you are going to be working with some of the neon colors you will need to spray them a little bit thicker since they are so thin.“

– Dillon DeJesus

Steps to customize Air Force with a Bel-Air pattern

Let’s start with the tutorial. Follow Dejesus throughout all the steps applying a 90’s pattern to a personalized sneakers.

  1. Now for the actual process we have our toe box and our swoosh taped up. Since we’re gonna be working with neon colors this is where that paint build up technique that we always talk about. It really comes in handy since the main color we’re going to be working with on both of these panels is a bright neon pink.
  2. We lay down a really light whitish pinkish as the initial base color on each coat.
  3. After that we continue mixing in a little bit more of our actual neon pink color. This end up taking about four super light coats with an airbrush.
  4. Now for the actual print we are going to be using a Bel-Air or 90’s themed stencil that we just released and in order to break up some of the pink we are going to start by using the larger triangle portions of the stencil to lay down some pale blue.
  5. After that we mix together a little bit of purple and dark blue in order to lay down some of the cement print.
DeJesus painting the swoosh with an airbrush
Dejesus painting the swoosh with an airbrush / Youtube
Applying some green neon dots
Applying some green neon dots / Youtube

Always paint your edges

Dillon Dejesus from Custom Footwear
  1. After that we just play around with various neon colors and use different fun 90 shapes that will definitely bring back some nostalgia. This part is totally up to you. Have fun with it and try new things.
  2. Once we have all of the stenciling done we utilize some of nail dotting tools at various sizes and lay in some bright neon green and yellow dots throughout.
  3. While the dots are drying we hit both panels with a little bit of neon yellow splatter by using an old toothbrush.
  4. Then, just for a little bit more of a colourpop, we are going to be outlining each of those neon dots with a little bit of a contrasting color.
  5. Now all we have left to do is a little bit of touch-ups around our edges.

Get out there and just create!

Painting the edges of an Air Force 1
Painting the edges of an Air Force 1 / Youtube

Content transcribed from the DeJesus Custom Footwear video: Quickly Customize Your Shoes With This Bel-Air/90’s Pattern

Dylan Dejesus from Dejesus Custom Footwear