Air Jordan 1 MTV-inspired by Vick Almighty
Air Jordan 1 MTV-inspired by Vick Almighty / Youtube

How to customize MTV-inspired Air Jordan 1

Vick Almighty and Reshoevn8r shows you a sneaker tutorial about how to customize MTV-inspired Air Jordan 1 which he did at “MTV Sneaker Wars”. Vick won the challenge and wanted to explain how to do it yourself at home in 12 steps.

Vick and theheyyman participated in the new YouTube series “Sneaker Wars” by MTV a while ago.

Vick also will be showing how to install a speaker on the sole, LED powered lights that represents colored sound waves on the side of the shoe and also the customization process.


Take a look first to the materials that you need to customize an MTV-inspired Air Jordan.

  1. A pair of white Air Jordan 1 Mid.
  2. Airbrush.
  3. Silver, black, pink, purple and black paint.
  4. Exacto knife.
  5. Seam ripper.
  6. Tape.
  1. Bluetooth speaker.
  2. LED lights.
  3. Animal inspired fabrics.
  4. Fabric glue.
  5. Thread.
  6. Needle or sewing machine.

Customizing the MTV-inspired AJ1 step by step

First of all, we put one shoe to the side, remove the laces and install from the left shoe.

1. Deconstructing the tongue

Deconstructing a shoe tongue
Deconstructing a tongue / Vick Almighty
  • Using the seam ripper we remove the stitches in the toe box so we can remove the tongue. The tongue is actually connected to the toe box so we have to grab an exacto knife and simply rip it off. The only reason we do this steps now is because the black-painted not stick well to this tongue so we want an actual black tongue on the shoe. 
  • We grab our exacto knife once again and start removing the circle on the sole. This is where our speakers we’ll go. 

More information about how to deconstruct a sneaker.

2. Prepping the leather

  • Next, we use acetone to remove the entire factory finish from the leather.
  • After prepping the leather of the AJ1, let’s jump back to the hole. On the hole, before we can install the speaker, we have to smooth it out using a Dremel. The speaker that we’re gonna be using you can buy it on Amazon. It works really well, it is called Momoko and costs around 10 dollars. 
  • Next thing we’re gonna do is tape up the entire midsole. 
  • After all is taped up, we’ll be drilling some holes onto the side panel for the LED lights. We’ll be using a Dremel and a little stencil that will help as a guide to know where to place the holes.

3. Customizing the insole

  • After doing the holes onto the side of the Jordan 1, we’re moving on to the next step where we get glued down the zebra fabric onto the insole. First we lay down the insole on top of the zebra print facing up and then grab the pen and trace around it.
  • We got the insole nicely traced out now so the next thing we are going to do is grab the fabric glue, lay down a nice thin layer all around the insole, let it cure for a few minutes, put it onto the fabric and cut it.

4. Custom ankle with zebra fabric

Animal inspired fabric
Animal inspired fabric / Vick Almighty

Now on to the ankle area we need to get the shape so we can lay down our zebra print onto this area.

  • We lay down a piece of tape all around this piece and press it down.
  • Then, with the pen, we trace it out, take it off and put it on the back of the zebra print. Then cut it out so we have the perfect shape of the ankle area.

5. Adding a custom MTV-inspired patch to the tongue

  • To make this sneaker more detailed, we apply a custom laser engrave MTV patch onto the tongue with some black thread and a needle. We just sew it on.

6. Painting the sneakers

  • In the next step we’ll be using some silver paint with the airbrush. Silver paint looks super good on a white base. It just pops.
  • Before laying down the second color we do some more taping. 
  • After it is all done with the tape job, we lay down an iridescent purple color with the airbrush.
  • Now we move on to laying down the color shifting paint from soil color dust.

7. Installing the LEDS into the sneakers

Now we can move on to installing the LED lights into the holes. We got some LED lights so we have different colors: green, yellow, orange and red.

“Make sure that all the colors of the lights are in the right area.”

– Vick Almighty

  • What we are going to do is simply poke them in the holes and then glue them.
  • Before glueing the LED lights onto the side of the shoe we have to install the power source onto the cables.  

8. Painting the sock liner and the front

We are going to move on to the sock liner and dye it pink.

  • Before we do that we have to do some taping.
  • We lay down the sock liner with the airbrush and pink paint.
  • Now we’re gonna tape off some more areas so we can lay down with black.
  • All taped up once again, now we apply black paint to the front of the sneaker using the airbrush.

9. Placing the tongue

Next we’ll be using thread and a needle to place the tongue again on the toe box.

  • Simply sew it on. You can use a machine.

10. Applying the zebra print

Now we are gonna lay down the zebra print. This is pretty much almost the last step to finishing up this custom Air Jordan 1.

  • We lay down some fabric glue onto the white areas. We go piece by piece little by little and very carefully because once this is on the shoe it’s not gonna come off.

11. Connecting the lights

Now it’s time to see if the lights work connecting all of the wires on to the power source.

  • We simply connect the red wire to red and black to black.
  • Throw some electric tape on it
  • Put the batteries.

12. Installing the speakers

Now we are going to install the speaker in the insole.

  • We cut out a hole on the insole.
  • We insert the speaker into the hole. As you will see, the speakers are nicely inside the shoe.

Remember removing all the tape and the residue and that’s it.

We hope you enjoyed viewing how to customize MTV-inspired Air Jordan.

Content transcribed from the Vick Almighty and Reshoevn8r video: Vick Almighty Custom Air Jordan 1 For MTV! (Sneaker Wars) with Reshoevn8r

Vick Almighty
Vick Almighty