Custom Air Jordan 1 «Sample» Canary

Nike Air Jordan 1 "Sample" Canary

Inspired by the Off-White X Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago, this custom “Sample” Canary sneakers are handcrafted from python, suede and ripstop leather, a durable fabric with thicker nylon threads.

Like the Off-White mentioned above, this exclusive pair of shoes are similarly priced due to their high quality. You can buy them at Kickgame for about 7,000 pounds (7,822 euros).

Custom Air Jordan 1 sneakers with yellow python leather.

Details that make these custom Air Jordan 1 exclusives

Dominic Ciambrone, better known as “The Shoe Surgeon“, has excelled with the “Sample” Canary, taking this Jordan 1 model to another level.

Ciambrone’s yellow sneakers stand out for their quality and robustness, just like other models of shoes customized by The Shoe Surgeon, such as the Nike Dunk SB Low “White Cement” Lux or the Air Jordan 1 Low SB and Air Jordan 1 High in the Yin and Yan series. Don’t forget that Dominic and his team at Surgeon Studios manually disassemble each pair of shoes and reassemble them again with the best materials available on the market.

Ciambrone’s exquisiteness in the selection of these high quality materials, his limited editions and his attention to detail make this product a collector’s shoe. Take a look to the zigzag stitching on the swoosh or the yellow sole.

"85" number detail inside the flap of the Nike Air Jordan 1 "Sample" Canary
Shoe Flap Detail ©THESURGEON.COM
Another customized detail of the Nike Air Jordan 1 "Sample" Canary
Sole Side Detail ©

These sports boots have the word “Sample” in bold letters on the outside of the sole and an “85” on the inside of the flap like Virgil Abloh’s model, designer and founder of the OFF WHITE brand.

OFF-WHITE-inspired sneakers

Virgil Abloh’s designs are setting the trend in the world of custom shoes. Just look at other models such as the Off-White X Nike Air Force 1 MCA or Air Presto that are a hit with sneakers fans.

If you want to get an even more exclusive Jordan 1 than the Off-Whites Chicago, don’t miss this Canary version in yellow tones and resistant thanks to the transparent nylon fabric.

Ready to buy your custom Jordan 1?

Nike Air Jordan 1 "Sample" Canary
  • Sneakers created by: The Shoe Surgeon.
  • Brand: Nike.
  • Model: Air Jordan 1.
  • Units: Limited.
  • Price: 6000 USD.

Please note that these custom sneakers can take between 6 and 8 weeks from the time you place your order as the whole process is manual.