Air Jordan SRGN Lux inspired by the Air Dior collection

Air SRGN Lux Collection

Dominic Ciambrone’s sneaker customisation studio has once again surprised us with a collection based on the Air Dior capsule. For the fall 2020 men’s collection, Dior and Kim Jones teamed up with the Jordan brand to launch the Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior shoe and other limited edition garments.

The Surgeon wanted to commemorate this launch with a collection of 4 garments and accessories: Air SRGN Lux Jordan 1 High and Low, Lux Backpack and Plush Dinosaur Lux.

Made from genuine white and grey crocodile leather and original Dior fabrics.

These handcrafted, limited edition sneakers and accessories are made in a soft palette of authentic white and grey crocodile skin and original Dior fabrics.

Nike Air SRGN Lux Jordan 1 High

Air SRGN Lux Jordan 1 High sneakers

As usual with The Shoe Surgeon designs, this pair of sneakers is full of details like the swoosh made with the Dior pattern in black and sand. The Air SRGN Lux Jordan 1 High also features a label inside where you can read the name of Dominic’s city: Los Angeles.

In addition to the original Dior fabrics, what makes these Jordans different from Ciambrone’s other creations is the transparent sole. On the left sole we can see the Air Jordan logo modified with the studio’s brand and on the right the letters SRGN with the same typography as the logo of the luxury brand Dior.

Air SRGN Lux Jordan 1 High sneakers
  • Brand: Nike.
  • Models: Air Jordan 1 Low y High.
  • Units: Limited.
  • Price: 10.000 – 15.000 USD.

This model of custom sneakers is also available in low rise.

The accessories of the Air Jordan SRGN Lux collection

As we mentioned before, Ciambrone has completed the Air Jordans collection with two accessories: a handmade backpack thanks to a Dior model and a plush dinosaur.

Lux Backpack

Lux Backpack made by The Shoe Surgeon

This is the first time Dominic has modified a Dior backpack to take it to the next level. The front fabric features the Italian luxury brand’s identity and the pendant with the logo of the Los Angeles studio.

  • Brand: Dior.
  • Units: Limited.
  • Price: 25.000 USD.

Plush Dinosaur Lux

Plush Dinosaur Lux made by The Shoe Surgeon

Este muñeco de peluche en forma de dinosaurio es la guinda de la colección. Está confeccionado con los mismos materiales que las zapatillas y la mochila.

  • Brand: The Shoe Surgeon.
  • Units: Limitadas.
  • Price: 2.000 USD.